Some Healthy Habits for Longer Life

Life is an excursion. Each excursion needs a goal; also, every life ought to have a reason. Living long and staying healthy might be accomplished by driving a trained and deliberate life. A restrained life can be lived by taking after healthy propensities. Here are few decides that you may take after to appreciate a long, healthy life.

A diet rich in leafy green vegetables like kale, lettuce, avocado and spinach is a healthy way of lowering calorie intake and packing high fiber and antioxidants. Try to buy local produce and organic leafy vegetables; this ensures that you eat fresh vegetables. Eat nuts to reduce chances of heart disease, as they contain unsaturated fatty acids that reduce bad cholesterol levels in our blood. Include fresh fruits rich in vitamins, like lemons and oranges, pineapples and pomegranates, bananas and strawberries. Drink sufficient water; avoid colas and sweetened drinks. Eat less. Never fill your stomach with food; leave some space for digestion. Reduce your intake of meat and supplement with fish and salad. Eating small portions is also helpful in controlling your body weight.

Moderate physical activity is crucial for living a healthy life. Being physically active is important at every stage of life. With increasing age, this becomes more essential. Strength and flexibility of our body rapidly decreases with advancing age and a sedentary lifestyle facilitates such degradation. Regular moderate exercise ensures that muscles maintain a certain level of strength and endurance. Explore various team activities with like-minded people. Join a yoga class, a swimming club or a group of joggers in your locality. Develop active hobbies like gardening and try to walk to nearby markets and shops rather than driving there.

Human beings have evolved into social groups. Getting connected to like-minded people, old friends and relatives helps to relieve stress. It also makes an individual secure and happy. This underlying principle has fuelled the growth of various online social networks. However, such platforms can’t replace regular face-to-face contact. Personal contact with people is helpful in cultivating good habits. Get involved in different activities with various groups of friends. While some friends may be interested in music and painting, other groups may join you for a walk.

Enjoy your life. Develop a positive attitude. Take regular breaks from your busy schedule and devote some time to relaxation. This may be early morning breathing exercises or sitting quietly near a big lake at dusk. Drink red wine in moderation. While quitting smoking is essential, drinking wine in moderation helps lower cholesterol and provides essential antioxidants. Enjoy a healthy sexual life. It helps relieve stress by releasing certain hormones.